While she sleeps, die bekannte Metalcore Band aus Sheffield, tourt derzeit durch Europa. Als wir die Anfrage bekamen, ob wir die vegane Band interviewen möchten, waren wir erstmal total überrascht: eine vegan lebende Metal-Band? Bislange waren uns noch nicht so viele rein vegan lebenden, über die Grenzen hinweg berühmten Bands bekannt. Klar, dass uns da einige Fragen auf der Zunge brannten! Aaran, der Bassist der Band, stand uns Rede & Antwort.

Heard you are all vegans now. Isn’t that a very ‘hippie‘ thing?

Haha yeh I guess it is. We have always been free spirited people who stray from conventional values. Most of us in the band have been vegetarian ranging between 4 to 23 years, so turning vegan was always something in the back of our minds. So when our concerns about our health pair up with our utter protest against animal cruelty and industrialised farming it seemed like the most logical and compassionate step, in which we do feel great benefits.

Does being vegan influence your music and do you influence your fans by that? What was their reaction?

It has influenced us in the sense that, our diet almost represents our zero tolerance for all the atrocities in the world, which shines through our message in a band as a whole. We don’t specify it in the literal sense but as a whole we are trying to make people aware of all this shit that’s happening around us. It takes everybody on an individual level to make a change and we are playing our part in that.

How does that work on tour? Are there enough vegan options or do you have to eat a lot of junkfood? 

It really depends on where you’re touring in the world. In the western part of the world we have found it quite easy with having a Ryder and veganism being more wide spread. The hardest place we’ve found is places like Japan and S/E Asia where we had to modify dishes a lot with quite a difficult cultural language barrier. But the struggles are worth the rewards.

What was the most vegan friendly country/city you have been to?

We love Annie’s Burgers in Nottingham. Also London is brimming with vegan options. America in general is very well equipped with vegan options all over the country.

Metal and veganism – how did other metal bands react? 

It’s not like we advertised it. We don’t preach to anyone about it on a personal level so, no, no reaction from bands.

What’s the strangest/funniest reaction you ever got?

Someone came up to me once and said, „If God didn’t want us to eat animals, how come he made them out of meat?“ I literally have nothing to say to people like that.

Wanna share your favourite food?

I love a good vegan burger of any kind. I also love a Full English vegan breakfast with tofu scramble, veggie bacon, sausage, beans, mushrooms, the works! Haha

Looking forward to your gig in Vienna. See you in april and thanks a lot for the interview!

Cheers Aaran

While she sleeps x

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